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Horse Grooming Products and Horse Show Award Gifts

A healthier way to groom your horse.

A smart choice for horse show awards or equestrian gifts.

EQUI-Towel Microfiber Products are highly functional horse and dog grooming tools that perfectly removes even particulate matters without damaging the hair coat by using fine microfibers. As they reduce the volume of chemical cleaning agents and sprays used, they are also environmentally friendly products.

Our EQUI-Towels absorb water fast, attract dirt and bacteria like a magnet, polish your horse or dogs hair coat without sprays.

Great for washing, drying, and polishing your show horse or show dog. Give your horse or dog a healthier new hair coat!

Each EQUI-TOWEL product is one-of-a-kind! These products, towels and cloths are very soft to the touch and are very effective. You will love them.

Designed by Equestrians for Equestrians and their horses and dogs (Can also be used on humans)

Nano-Silver Antibacterial Grooming Products for Horses and Dogs

ECO-Friendly Horse Grooming Products with silver impregnated antimicrobial microfiber in our EQUI-10X Mini Sanitizer cloth and EQUI-10X Full Body Sanitizer towel as well as our EQUI-Swiper for after baths. Only in the last few years has nano-technology begun to evolve into a valuable science.

About Our Equine Industry Company

We are a group of Equestrians well versed in the Microfiber Industry as well as the Equine Industry reaching out to other Equestrians about a healthier way to groom your animal.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us.

Eco-Friendly Horse Grooming Products - Horse Show Award Gifts

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Horse Grooming Products

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